Just a Bite Better has two membership options to help you create the habits you need to be a little bit better tomorrow than you were yesterday. Compare our plans to see which is right for you.


Meal reporting and diary entry via voice or text

Real-time charts to track your progress

Food diaries categorized by day, month, and year

Goal setting (limited to 1)

Basic awards and badge

Stats for consistency, ingredients, recipes and food categories

Advice, encouragement and suggestions to keep you motivated and help you succeed

Once daily and once weekly reminder to record meals and check progress


Everything you get with Lite +

Advanced charts with categories

#hashtag graphs

Goal setting (up to 5)

Advanced awards and badge

Monthly stat views and month to month comparison

Custom tags for messages

Up to three daily reminders to log meals

Achieve goals 3x faster

Some of the PRO charts you get access to...