How it works?

Step 1: You text us what you eat with simple messages like, “For breakfast I had eggs, coffee, avocado and a melon.”

Step 2: We put the meals you report into your Diary and Charts. We will also send you reminders to report future meals - if you want.

Step 3: You review your Diary and Charts on a regular basis to decide how you are doing

Once you get the hang of that you can set Goals, examine more detailed data analysis and start sending us #hashtags like #fast or #cheatday

Note: All our nutrition information comes directly from the USDA Database


Lite offers everything to keep you going for free, it is a great way to record your habits. You can also check how you are doing and set a goal.

$ 4.99 / month
$ 49.99 / year

In addition to all Lite features, Pro provides different ways to review, reflect, and help establish your habit to make it better bite by bite!

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Dr. / Nutritionist / Coach

We have special plans to help professionals caoch their clients to better habits.
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