Just a Bite Better

Change your habits, change your health.

Small changes lead to the largest outcomes.
Just a Bite Better is an easy-to-use,
AI-driven platform designed to help you become more aware and change your habits, your health, and your life... one bite at a time.

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How it works: No counting. No measuring.

Successfully changing how you eat is more about choices than calories. And we know there are many reasons why you might want to make a change. These could include:

  • Lose weight
  • Feel better/improve overall health
  • Combat disease
  • Concerns for the environment
  • Ethical treatment of animals

The simple habit of being mindful of what you eat and recording it on a daily basis can gradually improve your health (and your food habits) over time.

That's where Amanda comes in. She's your own personal AI assistant, helping you record what you eat. Amanda provides actionable data you can use to make any needed changes, while allowing you to see how you're doing along the way.

For instance, you tell Amanda:

For breakfast, I had eggs, coffee, avocado and melon.

For lunch I had a tuna sandwich on wheat bread.

For dinner I had chicken tacos and a beer.

Amanda tracks your meals and sends back messages of encouragement and helpful tips.

She will also send you reminders to record your meals, up to three a day.

She will even track #hashtags you send to us like #meatfree or #cheatday

This information is instantly fed into real-time charts and graphs so at any time you can see what you've been eating, view changes in your eating over time and explore where you might want to make other changes to accomplish your goals.


Why AI

Computers don't judge. They record and process data. The simple act of recording what you eat every day leads to:

  • Awareness

    Know what you’re eating and receive reminders to keep track.

  • Rewards

    Instant replies and Award badges pat you on the back and provide tips for building new habits.

  • Monitoring

    Access real-time charts, graphs and statistics at any time to track your progress.

  • Accountability

    Amanda is your 24-hour accountability partner, reminding you to send meal reports at any time of day you choose.

  • Motivation

    Continued support through reminders, progress and tracking.

  • Habits

    From drinking more water, to eating less sweets, whatever your goals, we’ll help you build new habits that stick.

Here's what your graphs will look like. Not too complex. This is food awareness NOT food logging.