Coach Accounts

Some of our JaBB users appreciate a little advice and encouragement from a friend of professional. We call folks that fit this broad description a ’Coach’.

Furthermore, some professionals like trainers, nutritionists, doctors, dieticians and parents would like an easy way to provide some useful insight to their clients or family.

To help both Users and Coaches accomplish their goals we developed the concept of a Coach Account.

A Coach Account is an account that is granted the right to see another user’s data. A Coach accounts only capability is the ability to see another user’s information in read-only mode.

Only PRO Users can have their data viewed by a Coach.

When you subscribe to a Coach Account you get a certain number of PRO licenses (based on your subscription level) to give to your clients, friends or family so they don’t have to subscribe on their own.

Coach Starter

Coach account and 2 PRO licenses for others.
$49.99 per year

Coach 5

Coach account and 5 PRO licenses for others.
$99.95 per year

Coach 10

Coach account and 10 PRO licenses for others.
$179.95 per year

Coach 20

Coach account and 20 PRO licenses for others.
$349.95 per year

*Just so you know...We don’t gather any HIPPA or medical data here, nor do we allow any communication via the app as that would cause everyone legal problems.