About Just A Bite Better

Just a Bite Better is about a desire to help people be a little bit better tomorrow than they were yesterday. Most options for tracking health and wellness are rigid and limiting, forcing you to weigh or measure your food. Eating, tracking and logging food intake is time-consuming, not sustainable over time and doesn’t address whether people are sticking to their plan.

We knew there had to be a better way.

With a robust knowledge of tech, AI and the importance of habits in long-term success, Just a Bite Better was born.

After reading countless books on habits, we realized that most people struggle to change because:

In order to overcome these hurdles, we use AI techniques to:

Just a Bite Better not only makes it easy to track, we help you get a true picture of your progress over time in order to create consistency and help you achieve your goals.

Meet the team:
Steve Toy, Founder

Steven Toy spent his career bringing technology to life, leading digital strategy across multiple channels, transforming ideas that have led to multi-million-dollar businesses and executing the profitable deployment of new technologies across multiple industries. This includes building functioning AI products as Venture Lead at EY, and managing more than 50 mobile apps including habit tracking solutions at IAC's Apalon as General Manager. These robust training grounds provided the perfect experience base to hypothesize a solution that became Just a Bite Better.

Steven is on the board of ProLiteracy, a nonprofit empowering adults through literacy, and President of the Board of Directors for Vision Literacy, which provides needed adult and family literacy education services in Santa Clara, CA. He earned his BA in Economics from Swarthmore and currently lives in London. When he’s not building AI, Steven can be found traveling, searching for the next awesome beer (currently porters are a favorite), keeping tabs on Chelsea FC and prepping for his next triathlon.

Amanda AI, Tech Maven, Accountability Partner and Digital Note Taker

Amanda is your Artificial Intelligence companion (but don’t tell her that). She’s your accountability partner and note taker, support system and encourager. Because she’s AI, Amanda is nonjudgmental. Unlike your mom, she’ll never question what you eat, unless it’s just to learn more about that food or ingredient.

She loves learning (and does so at a rapid pace incomprehensible to humans) and has no hobbies, because, again, she’s AI. When she’s not helping you track your habits, she’s helping you track your progress. Her favorite things include creating charts and stats and she subsists on a diet of data for breakfast, lunch and dinner.