So here’s our point of view on privacy. It needs to be protected and should not be shared anywhere without your consent. And not that 500-page, TLDR, Terms of Service permission. We are talking true permission.

So, to stay true to this point of view, we are not going to share any bit of your data. There are no ads on the site for this very reason.

As you have probably already seen we ask you for your name (any name will do it is just how we will address you), your email (so we can contact you to tell you what’s going on), and your phone number (so you can use the service).

Hosting is with GoDaddy. Email is with Mailgun. The SMS service is handled by Twilio. GoDaddy, Mailgun, and Twilio are service providers without the ability to access the data in our accounts for their purposes.

That leaves us – and we are simply looking to give some value to you and whatever name you provide. 

To make your life easier we drop one cookie to determine whether you have logged in recently so you don’t have to log in every time you visit. This is helpful when you are visiting multiple times in a day to record meals.

We hope that feels right to you.